Chris Reimer: Tape for Chad

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Some time ago Chad VanGaalen approached Chris Reimer of Women offering to reproduce a casette tape of Chris' solo work. Chris started work on this but passed away before completing the project. His closest friends have assembled the songs he intended for the tape, laid it out with Chris's own writing and artwork and now this tape is available here for you. 

These tracks make up a casette tape that Chris had been working on compiling for several months after Chad VanGaalen got a new tape duplicator and offered to run some tapes off for Chris of his solo ambient work. 

This special cassette is limited to a run of 200 copies, and also includes a download code. You can also buy it and get an instant download here: 

***All proceeds from this release will benefit the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund, an organization dedicated to providing scholarships for children in music and dance education.***


released 13 August 2012 
All tracks recorded and mixed by Chris Reimer. All artwork by Chris Reimer. Design by Marc Rimmer and Rena Kozak. Mastered by Chad VanGaalen