Braids: Deep in the Iris

$ 12.00

Deep in the Iris is Braids' third studio album. The stunning album artwork for Deep In The Iris is designed by longtime collaborator Marc Rimmer. The LP includes a lavish 12 page colour booklet featuring photos from the year that the band spent working on the album in scenic locales. The first pressing of the LP will be available on colour vinyl, and pre-orders will also receive a full colour poster of the album artwork. 

To record their third album, Deep In The Iris, Braids decamped to a series of retreats in the mountains of Arizona, Vermont, and upstate New York.  Surrounded by nature in all its warm vitality, the longtime bandmates strove to shed the fabric of their day to day relationships, being bare and vulnerable before one another.  What resulted is Deep In The Iris, their strongest record to date – powerful, yet fragile; immaculately sculpted, but deeply human.